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Welcome to DKA

What to do after signing up

You have done the hard part already by making the decision to commit to training.

You should receive a copy of the membership contract from DebitSuccess via email.

Simply come to training at the appropriate time listed at the bottom of the page.

If you qualified for a free uniform (Gi) or would like to purchase a Gi through DKA please bring your height (in centimetres) to your first lesson so we can order ASAP. Although suppliers are usually quite quick with delivery please allow 2-3 weeks.

During the first few sessions you will receive all the information you need to start your karate journey.

This Includes:

  • Information about the syllabus and the requirements for gradings
  • Some YouTube links to Kata so you can also practice at home
  • Access to the Davis Karate Group on Facebook
  • The latest copy of our newsletter
  • Some basic rules and guidelines

It is important to attend classes regularly. Even though you can learn some basics using the online resources provided it doesn’t substitute tuition to help you practice, understand and refine your technique. There are a minimum number of classes required to sit examinations/gradings.

If you look up Kata on YouTube you will likely find Shito-Kai Kata and not authentic Shito-Ryu Kata and the techniques may be different. Please ensure you only use the YouTube videos provided for training to ensure you are learning correctly. These videos are private and will not appear in a YouTube search.

Coming Soon – A members area on the website with Kata and techniques relating to each grade to make it easier to practice at home.

Most importantly…
Remember to enjoy your training. 

Located in Friendly Feilding

Come visit us!

Shito-ryu New Zealand Karate Association.
Training at Oroua Anglican Church Hall at 13 Camden Street, Feilding.