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Davis Karate Academy

New Zealand Shito-ryu Karate Headquarters
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Shito-Ryu New Zealand Headquarters

Welcome to Davis Karate Academy

Davis Karate Academy is located in Feilding, Manawatu. We practice a traditional style of Karate called ‘Shito-Ryu’ that teaches us controlled, effective techniques. We are affiliated directly to the Shito-Ryu Japan Karate Association in Osaka and have an opportunity to compete internationally every two years. 

Davis Karate Academy has been in the Manawatu since 2000. Our members continue to prove their quality through national and international tournaments. 

Enroll any time. Come and join us.

Shito-Ryu Karate NZ
Davis Karate Academy

Why train here?

Mental Fitness

Karate requires concentration. Blocking out distractions and focusing on what is in front of you hones your mental skills. You also learn Self-Confidence, Self-Respect and Respect for others.

Physical Fitness

Karate is known to have positive effects on flexibility, strength, power and cardio. It can help increase your balance and coordination.

Family Training

Karate is something the whole family can do together. We have several families at our club.


Karate is a traditional stand up self-defense discipline which is becoming more and more dominant in MMA. It can certainly help you with defending yourself.


You have the opportunity to compete at tournaments both in New Zealand and internationally.

Official Certifications

Davis Karate is affiliated with the Shito-Ryu Japan Karate Association. Your black belt is awarded by officials from Japan and is recognized internationally.

Davis Karate Academy

Our classes

Kids Karate


Senior Karate


Located in Friendly Feilding

Come visit us!

Shito-ryu New Zealand Karate Association.
Training at Oroua Anglican Church Hall at 13 Camden Street, Feilding.